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Quality System

Release time:2020-08-01

 Through the joint efforts of all the staff, we must for all customers to provide satisfactory products and super service, and the vast majority of supplier form good partner relationship, for all the shareholders to create more profits, and staff common development, the employee's personal value coincide.
The company of the construction of enterprise culture value orientation is:
1. 100 percent to meet customers' requirements, customer demand-driven, efforts to create value for customers, wholeheartedly for customer service,
2. All the staff to continually upgrade self-worth, and its development into the company's each work and activities, on its own to enhance the ability to promote the development of the company, and the development of the company form promote each other benign relationship;
3. We offer fair competition, the positive work and growth environment for employees in the competition to improve and surpass themselves; Staff training down-to-earth, accountability, and pay attention to the small, pay attention to quality and efficiency of the work style, Encourage employees innovating, for their ability and promoted the value, but unremitting efforts.
4. On employees' requirements:
1. Management: with strategic vision and innovation consciousness is strong, the courage to break through, very big-hearted. 2. All staff: innovation, devotion, self-motivated, team spirit strongly, the customer benefit supremacy, with quick response ability, work stress efficiency, the work style is concise and lively
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